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Welcome, gentle words for you..
Firstly with our own introductions:

Saaapppp!! :D Basically, i'm gonna introduce myself,
Well people know me by nickname, Fifie. Awesome!
My birthday falls on 05 July' 1996
Attached ♥
I do love Pink, Black & White. Awesome colours!
Im active in sports, not in talent. I love shopping with awesome friends
I guess thats all you need to know.
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Love ya.
- -
Hey fellow earthlings, Well here,im introducing myself too
Im Rin amirah, its easy to be called Rin.
Basically 14, birthday falls 11 april' 1996
Single but unavailable ♥
Im muslim pure Chinese, i don't understand chinese much.(:
Piano and Arts are my passion.
LOVES: Green & Elmo Pictures, Images and Photos
Im hyper friendly! I maybe shy to people whom i don't know, but loud to people whom i knows.
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we're twin sisters for almost 8 years.

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Friday, May 28, 2010 || 9:42 PM

(got this picture from facebook)

HELL yeah, today is whorieble day cause its whorieble weather, freaking hot!
going out for people's wedding, -.- lazy! just met twin just now, gave her charger theSn talk talk.
oh and twin, don't cry or sad okay, i know mothers are always like that, just be patient, she will forgive you, and you also must forgive her okay, don't angry angry, IS YOUR MOTHER! she give birth to you. dont ever sad sad, i also sad when i hear your story.
ust calm down yourself :)
i will always, everyday single day, LOVE HER,
she's my superhero for everyday. i thank her gor giving birth me if not i can't see her.
So I will raise a cheer. Without you, my special, loving mom I would not be here.Yes, I owe it all to you, Mom.From the time that I was small,You encouraged me in everything, And tried not to let me fall.

ahh till here, BYE

~Rin love fiife

Rin posting.
Sunday, May 23, 2010 || 8:06 AM

Hey, readers
... idk what to talk, heh.
well its been long time i didn't post, only my twin fifie post, thanks for making our blog alive. heh ^^.
arhg, i've nothing much to talk about.
i wanna reply this to my twin:

well, to you my lovely hyperactive twin, we will always meet at school right. :) i just shift house at other country only, we still can meet in school time right :) when we wanna hang out together, i'll try to go with you and others alrights :) no need to worry. i know when you need help or when we wanna hang out or we wanna eat breakfast at foodcourt, its hard when i leave, i need you too when i have trouble at home or stuffs. But no choice :(  we have been friends together in sunshine and in shade now we're twins forever. i'll of course never find another twin, only you are my best-est ever ever fugging ever TWIN. i promise i'll never forget you in my whole life :) promise :D you are the one who brings who brings out the best in me, i love you you you you Saffiahtol binte osman! YOU DON'T BE SAD! *you better dun smaack my butt okay* :)
haha, @jenina, no need worry luh, i just shift house at JB but still schooling at SG. but its too difficult if i wanna hang out with you ppl, especially our cliques :(
so just now went out watch movie with twin fifie,brandon huhu,wei lun balloon, ryan and gobinth. watched "the loser" at woodlands. -.- the movie is quite boring. but then no choice they book alr. so its okay la, just watch. but no offence to them :D after tht went to play hide and seek under block, FUN but then very very hot weather! perspiring like hell :x
BRANDON HU WEI LUN own me $9.50,
I own HIM $7.20 :D

Twin Rin loves Twin Fifie laah!

Friday, May 21, 2010 || 7:28 PM

Moronnn , Hello :D
I swear , i'm random :X LOL .
I just can't wait to update the blog , heh .
Anyways , the topic for today : Prom Night dress .
YEAH . I know i'm currently sec2 . I just can't wait for it :D
Well , dinner etiquette & prom night is awake ! Searching for dress :X

For Dinner Etiquette 
       So , which one would you choose ?

For Prom Night

So , which one would you choose ?

For me , the dinner etiquette i'll choose
: Golden Dress :D

Prom Night 
: Pink Dress ^^

hahaha , keep on dreaming Fifie !
I'm carvings for dresses :D LOL .
Buy for me , for my Birthday ! Haha .

Exam Results .
: phfft , i did drop my subject downnnn D:
1 Subject "A" , 3 Subject "B" , 1 Subject "C"
& lastly 1 subject "U" . Arghhh , saddddd D:
I know , i didn't try my best on the MYE Exam .
Well , i'll definitely work hard for the next semester :D

A/B camp !
Basic2'2010 : There will be A/B camp on 2-4th June .
Do pack your stuff early . For those who lost any part of the uniform go to Army Market , alright ? Well , its gonna be a tough camp for us . A good role model for Basic1'2010 , ok ?

Birthday Bash for COLLEEN :D
: Hey , i'll try to attend your BirthdayBash if i'm
free on that day . Trying my very best , ok ?

Memories of Us :D 
Before TwinRin leaving D:

TwinRin , i hate you D: 
Why must you leave Singapore ? I'm aloneeeeee D:
sadddddddd D': Post something sweet about our memories here :D
Faham / Understand ?

I'll miss you & Love you forever.  Don't ever try to find 
other Twin . If not i'll smack your butt , LOL .
Well , I loveeee you more than MyBoyf :D
Oops , haha .

Doneeeeee with my post ! 

: YourTwin , Fifie .

Sunday, May 16, 2010 || 9:08 PM

New word , LOL . Anyways , Hello .
I'm stuck at home , playing computer . I bet it's my usual stuff :D Currently , chatting & facebooking (:
TwinRin , My anniversary is TOMORROW :D
18 MAY'2010 . Heh , nah belated wishes (:
Freak You , i've staying at home nowadays . Definitely boring .
I could not wait for school . Brghhhh ;D

Relationship <3
I know PJR for 6 Months , & stead with himfor 2 days . How cool is that ? LOL . Anyways , it happen Last Year :P 

Him ( Boyf )
I'm not sure if you love me truthfully . I just can sense it , you dont ! Should i let go off him or should i stay with him ? I need time :/ You don't & never express your love before . Because you're scared . I cant message you during weekdays , 
because your mom took your phone . Even if you message me , you've been
repeating the same question ! I dont expect more from you , but .
Understand it yourself D: 

That Guy .
I know you've been waiting for me for so long :D You'll never let go off me , don't you ? I just need you to change your attitude like a normal person ! Once you did that , i'm sure you will lead a perfect life . I know you will never let go off a girl
if you really love her ! I just can't with you right now at this moment .
Give me time , will you ?

Love is complicated
Try imagine you're in my situation . What will you do ?

If you say : Don't care them !
I say : How will you let go off him , if he loves you ?

If you say : Look Ugly .
I say : Every girls is pretty in her own ways .

I need TwinRin & ColleenBitch right now !
Both you , predictions please !
I need you both badly because you understand me :D
I hope you reading this (:
I ending my post here :D

: YourHyperactive Princess , Fifie

Saturday, May 15, 2010 || 8:28 PM

Rin amirah here to update the blog. :D
today nothing much tho, gonna talk about yesterday

 super FUN! went out with twin,colleen,hazel,jean,shahirrah,jun ren and shamir. we watched movie called "the last song" the movie is really nice, but theres alot KISSES!!!! the guy is super hot. :D colleen was throwing popcorns and we're laugh and giggles inside the movie. i heard ringtone sound te tot te tot. LOL. i think tht was shamir's phone. haha cute! after that, went to mini toons, colleen "blanja us" . thanks alot colleen for the tiger :D love you to the max :D oh then after that walk around amk hub, talk talk walk walk. so yeah nothing much to talk about. :D oh and fug, pictures can't upload!!!
its fifie and wei lun's one month anniversary :D happy happy love, LAST LONG aye!!
nothing muh to talk, going breakfast with twin later, wait until she bath!!

fifie you want this song: 
when i look at you - miley cyrus
`RinZeeGirl, Rin amirah
hyperactiveprincess,fifie <3

Thursday, May 13, 2010 || 1:42 AM

Sapppppp :D
YourHyperactivePrincess , Fifie here ^^ 
I'm here just to make the blog ALIVE .
LOL , I swear i hyper to update the blog (:
Guess what ? Today was the LAST EXAM FOR MYE 2010 !
So Long , MORON:X  I'll surely rumble everything ;D
I guess i flunk the MathPaper . I'm stuck with a few questions :/
But , i do bother doing it . I spend the whole 2 hours doing it .
LOL , good-girl ;D

Right Now , forget about every ExamPaper !
I'll surely go out this Saturday with a few classmates (:
I  need CASH , badly ): I'm running out of clothes !
Arghhh , grant my wishes (:  Dress , Top , Bottom
& Converse Shoe here i comeeeeeeeeee :D

Loveeee <3
: Nowadays  i never talk to him ):
He don't even message me & i dont know why .
I miss him badly ):  Our 1 month anniversary is coming soon .

Tag Reply .___.

Fifie > All 
: thank you for your TAG <3
I link you people up already (:
Anyone i miss out , do inform me .

Fifie > Heedayarh .
: Hey , thanks for you tag .
Sexy ? Nah , im not (:

Fifie > Rahmat .
: Ehhh Moron ! I thought you forgive me already ?
Idiot .__. I hateeee you !
LOL , Nah joking (:  I wont hate you . 
Anyways , thanks for the tag with a bad intention :X

Fifie > Eiqaa
: I swear that is random ;D 
LOL . Anyways , imyt .
Text me alrights ? Boox :X

Ending my post here !
TwinnnRinnn , Update (:
: YourhyperactivePrincess , Fifie .

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 || 1:04 AM

Today ; D&T Paper . I managed to complete everything
but 1Hour paper is definitely not enough ):
Arghhh , hoping that i wont flunk all the exam paper !
Thursday , MATH Paper . I'm so dead , i've not even revise the 
chapter that will be tested ):
Lucky Math is the LAST PAPER .
Heh , i can't wait for 18May <3 LOL . 

Today ; CompassPoint ;D
I went out with twinn , Hazel , Jenina , KHQ , Michelle 
& Shahirrah . Guess what ? Mostly Me , Hazel & TwinRin took a photo
at METRO ;D We took a dress that we like & then we try out (:
LOL , Damnnn niceeeee ;D  Majority of us could not wait for
" DinnerEtiquette & PromNight "
I am so Anxious about it  , LOL ;D
I've uploaded the photo , do thank me for it .

ehhhhh , do comment the photo at Facebook :D
We loveeee each other (:

: YourhyperactivePrincess , Fifie .

Saturday, May 8, 2010 || 4:46 AM

To darling Jenina and Rueben Yap :
Happy 14th birthday you both. :D. you both are great. especially you jenina you're my awesome shizz. you've make me smile and always encourages me whenever i have problem, you're awesome-EST . :D yey to you that you're 14 now. since we met the first time, i taught you are malay, :P sorry to mistake you. hahaha. XD well i hope you've a great time celebrating with your family and relatives :D once again, STAY AWESOME-EST.  And reuben, you're a great friend of mine. im happy to have a friend like you, you're smart. :D STAY GREAT.  ONCE AGAIN  gonna recieve birthday prezent from me abit late yeah :D                                                                                                     HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY;
and yes, as what fifie twin said, up next : bjorn and cynthia birthday :D
haha they gonna get something from meeeee. 
but i'll give you guys abit late, :P sorryyy.
 alright then till here. btw twin, finally you've post
`bye poops.


BirthdayBashhhh (:
Friday, May 7, 2010 || 6:52 PM

YourHyperactivePrincess , Fifie .
Well , im here to update the blog :D
Today , 8th May'2010 is MyDad Birthday (:
This is what i wrote to him in facebook :
HappyBirthday To : Daddy ♥ ♥ .

You had guided me through my primary & secondary school life .
Because of you , I'm here (:
You're 49 Years old right now , hoping that your career will always
be bright ♥

: YourFavouriteDaughter , SAFFIAHTOL BINTE OSMAN

To Jenina&Reuban .
: HappyBirthday To You .
You're 14 years old right now & i'm jealous because
 i'm not yet to be lahr :P
Study Hard & May your dreams come treueeeee ;D
: YourChairperson2010 , Fifie .

Yeah , i almost wish all my friends birthday (:

May's Birthday ( down )
: Daddy <3 , Junren , Jenina & Reubun .

UpNext : CynthiaYong&Bjorn :D
I bought you a present :O
You people always do make me happy & had
guided me through all obstacles in sec1&2 .
Most likely cynthia :P
Bjornnn , dont be horny okey ?
LOL . I also bought you a present (:
Stay Emo & Stupid faceeee .

SOMEMORE ? Anyone's Birthday ?
LOL , i feel odd to be 13 YearsOld .
My twinnnnn , her birthday over already & i can't wait till
my day ! Heh .

Well , i will end my speech now .
cheyyyyy :D
Anything text me , ok ?
I'll update again .

ThankYou Clara & Erra .
We will link you up :D
Loveee you both :D

 : YourHyperactivePrincess , Fifie.

Saturday, May 1, 2010 || 4:09 AM

Like a Pyramid.

Rin here,

Heard the song called 'like a pyramid' by charice ft. Iyaz [awesome song]

okay, this is just simple post. i've nothing to do so i'll just post ramdomly. 
Just now went for breakfast 11am with twin at foodcourt at 768 then slack awhile under her block, chat chat gossips alot until siao. then went home 1pm. :)
after that, study awhile then now nothing to do so i'll just post. haha. 
wow, heard that theres alot of problems, between couple and a friend. TERRIBLE. -.-
oh yeah tmrw its JUN REN's birthday, gonna wish him until siao. :D 
but we gonna celebrate his birthday after exam which is on 15 may :D anyone who's birthday is on may do join us :D haha cynthia your bithday is on that day, please do come join us :D

alright so now currently chatting with jun ren, nothing better to do. 
till here then.
BYE fatballs. XD

"Earthquakes can shake us, Cyclones can't break us, Hurricanes can't take away our love"

`Rin love fifie :D